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Shaping the Lab of the Future

In the Webinar entitled “Generating AI & ML ready data in drug discovery and development – the strategy and execution”, which took place on 15th September 2020, we learned that creating a digital lab is a prerequisite for machine learning and AI. There is no single recipe for building this lab of the future, which is why it is essential to hear the insights from leaders in the area. In the event, Novartis, AstraZeneca, and ZONTAL explored the topic from multiple perspectives and arrived at a number of essential conclusions. In particular, three points were recurring.


Firstly, data is abundant. The historical information on clinical trials, compounds, and experiments is ripe for exploration with machine learning, AI, and other techniques. However, without standardization it is very difficult to carry out any meaningful analysis.

Secondly, data needs to be created “ready-to-read”. By producing records that are already well structured, no further transformation and harmonization is required, and analytics tools can be directly applied. To encourage this, data governance strategies and a sense of accountability must be instilled into organizations.

Thirdly, a unified platform is crucial for housing all this data. ZONTAL Space provides the perfect solution to this demand, offering a central place to store and access all information. This standardized environment ensures regulatory compliance by default, eliminates any cumbersome data wrangling, and allows for a seamless connection with analytics tools.

Data is clearly at the center of all of these conclusions. Specifically, the focus is on regarding data as a reusable asset that transcends any specific systems. Read our whitepaper on data centricity to understand why this mentality is a core ingredient in the creation of the lab of the future, and how ZONTAL can help you make this shift.

Download our whitepaper on data centricity.

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