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Use Case: Preservation for Reuse

Our customers have the regulatory obligation to preserve significant amounts of data. We help turning this obligation into an opportunity to drive the digital transformation.  Instead of simple long-term storage, we employ a digital integration hub, providing both regulatory compliant preservation and data reuse. ZONTAL Space is an implementation of ISO 14721, the reference model for Open Archival Information Systems (OAIS), which means it is designed to not only preserve your data, but to make it available for reuse.

ZONTAL Space was designed as an enterprise platform and offers the most complete role and security settings to map your organizational structure to your data access policies. This ensures highest compliance and data integrity, while reducing the barrier to data reuse.

Preservation for Reuse

Typical use cases for our preservation modules are capturing of raw data from lab devices, enrichment with contextual metadata (higher order master data), and workflows for archival specialists to ensure full data integrity for audits. Further, we ensure best practice in data standardization to guarantee long-term readability and findability of the data. Our customers are able to discover all data for a specific product, project or study with a few clicks.

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