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Webinar:  Solving Data Science and Archiving with a FAIR Data Hub

In this SmartLab 2021 presentation, we demonstrate how a FAIR data hub provides long lasting value to leading pharmaceutical companies.

Zontal offers the first out of the box FAIR data hub for the pharmaceutical industry. The digital hub transforms your regulated data for the future -- making it Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. In a highly fragmented data landscape, Zontal prepares pharmaceutical companies for the next generation of drug development: one driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Offering rapid deployment of organization-wide digital transformation, Zontal breaks down data silos and accelerates the drug development process. 

Watch our webinar, presented by CSO. Dennis Della Corte, for a deep dive into the wide scope of Zontal's potential to create long lasting value through its FAIR data hub. 

Download the on-demand webinar here:




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