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System Replacement / Decommissioning / Harmonization

Many of our customers have legacy systems in their infrastructure that need to be decommissioned and replaced, such as ELN, LIMS, DMS, CDS, SDMS or other data management applications. While high maintenance costs for infrastructure, application management, and licenses coupled with poor user experience and limited data access exert pressure on the management, some concerns frequently delay implementation. Two typical concerns are the migration cost of legacy data and setup cost of a new GxP ready system that connects to lab devices.

ZONTAL Space was designed to overcome these concerns. As a GxP pre-qualified system, we can deploy ZONTAL Space within days and start to migrate your data at low cost into ZONTAL Space, clearing the path for your application decommissioning or modernization. Further, our connectors will seamlessly integrate your active lab devices and applications to guarantee continuous management of your data streams. This provides integrated access to both legacy and current data via a single interface.


The benefits of ZONTAL Space become even more apparent when multiple solutions are migrated. Instead of a designated Application Manager for each legacy system, you only need one resource to manage ZONTAL Space. Instead of managing multiple license agreements you can enter a single enterprise agreement with us. Instead of operating a diverse, complicated, partially outdated server infrastructure, you can deploy modern cloud technologies on-premises or move into the cloud and benefit from highest stability and scalability.

And best of all? All data within ZONTAL Space is standardized to enable unprecedented translational analysis and data science.

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