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Data-centric Architecture

Our customers frequently suffer from an application-centric infrastructure, where data is locked-down into siloes and data integration and reuse is limited by incompatible or missing interfaces. One approach to address these issues is to build even bigger applications that provide more functionality and therefore reduce the need for integration. While this is convenient at the first glance, it reduces the ability to innovate. The application vendor becomes the rate-limiting factor.

Integration of other systems

We designed ZONTAL Space to establish a data-centric application landscape, exponentially reducing the number of system-to-system interfaces your need to build and maintain. This means, instead of building a super-application, we let you own your data and integrate with business processes and applications for data capture and reuse. Independent of data origin, we ensure that business processes and applications can speak to each other via a common language: your data. ZONTAL Space is a true digital integration hub, a fully regulatory compliant connector, which drastically simplifies the communication and exchange of information in your business.

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