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Application landscape optimization

Pharma needs to undergo digital transformation, but quantitative ROIs are not always easy to specify. We help our customers to push their digital agenda by leveraging the savings generated through application landscape optimization.  ZONTAL Space drastically reduces the need to keep legacy systems in operation and simplifies the interfaces between existing applications. Thanks to its data centric design, ZONTAL Space drives the change process towards sleeker and more efficient IT landscapes. The side effects are reduced infrastructure, operational, and license costs. The key benefit is access to standardized and harmonized data within ZONTAL Space, the fuel for your digitalization efforts. All data stored within ZONTAL Space is findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable, only one click away from being employed in data science.


Our customers start the transformation by decommissioning siloed legacy applications, and interconnecting existing applications to establish data centric business processes. Soon after being operational, the benefits of standardized data become apparent, and new digital ideas and business opportunities are conceived. We are your partner for digital integration, committed to the success of our customers.

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