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Webinar: Methods Database for Empower CDS  with Pistoia Alliance and Agilent

Watch this webinar to learn how ZONTAL, Pistoia Alliance, and Agilent created a Methods Database to simplify reuse and sharing of Empower CDS methods between different systems and companies.

Digitizing Methods to Optimize R&D 

In Pharma R&D, data reproducibility continues to be an expensive and time consuming problem. The majority of scientists still uses pen and paper to record their methods, leaving a large margin for human error. In this webinar, ZONTAL CEO Wolfgang Colsman presents the Methods Database project alongside Birthe Nielsen of The Pistoia Alliance and Heiko Fessenmayr of Agilent. The project aims to build a bridge for analytical methods to evolve from manual, text-based information, to fully digitized and machine readable instruction sets. Digitizing methods fixes a key problem in the lab – being able to connect methods and results – while capturing the details in an audit trail. Fill out the form to watch the webinar.

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