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The Life Science Data Platform

ZONTAL empowers your digital transformation

ZONTAL's Analytical Operations Hub

Build your data foundation with the first out-of-the-box digital hub.

Data is an organization’s most valuable digital asset, but leveraging this resource is still a challenge. One key problem is that information is spread throughout different systems, creating a fragmented landscape that is difficult to navigate. ZONTAL overcomes this issue, providing an interconnected environment that supports the entire information life cycle and value chain. Our digital hub makes it easy to connect, process, analyze and share data, enriching it with semantic information for long-term value.

Enabling digitalization

ZONTAL ensures full digital sustainability by incorporating a number of fundamental attributes, including data-centric design, standards-based data formats and architecture, semantic enrichment mechanisms, FAIR data principles, AI techniques, and support for cloud-based, on premise, and hybrid infrastructures.

How it works

Our digital hub is powered by four core functions.


ZONTAL can consume data from any source through standardized APIs. As the information is taken in, we enrich it with the help of semi-automated AI tools. This results in FAIR data that is enhanced with semantic information. This data can then either be converted to a universal format or kept in its original form.



Once the data is in, you have full control over how to use it. Whether you want to accelerate your time to market, optimize your R&D and CMC processes, or build long-term and compliant digital assets, ZONTAL has it covered. With our digital hub, you can leverage the full potential of your data.

Search and Retrieve

Data is easy to access with ZONTAL. Our digital hub enables you to effortlessly search through your data and seamlessly retrieve it. Your assets are enriched with contextual information about the whole data life cycle and business processes. These descriptions use consistent wording, making them easy to understand, to connect with additional information, and to analyze. ZONTAL has been built with powerful data security capabilities, ensuring all your assets are protected.


Advanced Analytics

Our digital hub provides REST APIs and SQL interfaces, which allow you to directly connect your favorite analytics and visualization tools to the data. ZONTAL helps you quickly build integrated assets from large-scale datasets and platforms, benefitting the whole business value chain. With data at your fingertips, it becomes possible to run complex simulations, in silico experiments, and predictive trials. ZONTAL leads to valuable insights, optimized processes, and faster times to market.

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Cross-functional Features

ZONTAL also offers components that fully support the core functions.

pharma data security


ZONTAL keeps your data protected with secured access to the digital hub. Permissions are controlled by connecting with your existing corporate accounts, working seamlessly with cloud environments. Data is secured with encryption and checksum validation.

GxP compliant


Our processes are designed to ensure that your data is kept in accordance to the highest industry standards, giving you peace of mind that your business meets all protection regulations. ZONTAL is 21 CFR Part 11 and GxP compliant.


big data pharma


ZONTAL can be deployed on premises, in the cloud, or using a hybrid approach. This lets you integrate our solution into your application landscape according to your needs, leveraging existing infrastructure and capabilities. ZONTAL’s open architecture standard (OAIS) provides direct interfaces for accessing the system.


ZONTAL builds upon the digital hub to meet all of your specific needs.

Digital Lab

Digital Lab

The lab of the future evolves around data and interconnected devices, and ZONTAL makes this a reality by effectively managing information. We make data available in a structured and centralized way, which simplifies research, development, and quality control.

Advanced Analytics

Life Science Analytics

Instantly see and analyze your data. Don't guess data content, use interactive visual exploration tools to rapidly spin up your own visualizations as enterprise applications

Data Preservation

Data Preservation

Digitally archiving data is an important requirement, and ZONTAL has this process figured out. We are the first preservation solution in the pharmaceutical industry that is fully compliant with the OAIS ISO standard.

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