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Out of the box Integrations

You name it, we integrate it.

Over 400 integrations, and counting

ZONTAL ships with support for many data types. Our converter factory can rapidly extend this list to fill any additional gap.

Software Extensions Domain Partner
Agilent MassHunter .d Mass Spectrometry
Bruker .d, .yep, .baf, .fid, .tdf Mass Spectrometry
Proteomics Standards Initiative .mzML Mass Spectrometry
Sciex .wiff, .wiff2 Mass Spectrometry
Shimadzu .lcd Mass Spectrometry
Thermo Scientific Xcalibur .raw Mass Spectrometry
Waters MassLynx/UNIFI .raw, .rpt, .spl Mass Spectrometry
Agilent ChemStation .d, .adf Chromatography Agilent
Agilent OpenLab CDS .sirslt, .acaml, .adf Chromatography Agilent
Waters Empower .adf Chromatography Orbis Labsystems
Thermo Scientific Chromeleon .adf Chromatography Thermo
Sciex Analyst .adf Chromatography Sciex
Portable Document Format (PDF, PDF/A) .pdf Document
Molfile Format .mol, .sd Molecule
Protein Data Bank .pdb, .mmCIF Molecule
Microsoft Access .mdb Structured Data
Microsoft Excel .xls, .xlsx, .ods Structured Data
Microsoft Word .doc, .docx, .odt Document
Microsoft PowerPoint .ppt, .pptx, .odp Document
SQLite .db, .sqlite, .sqlite3 Structured Data
eXtensible Markup Language .xml Structured Data
Analytical Markup Language .animl Structured Data
Comma Separated Values .csv Structured Data
Tab Delimited Files .tsv Structured Data
Java Script Object Notation .json Structured Data
ASCII Format .txt Document
Hypertext Markup Language .html Document
Rich Text Document .rtf Document
Email .msg, .eml Document
Archived Files .7z, .ar, .arj, .cpio, .dump, .tar and .zip Archive
Video .avi, .flv, .wmv, .webm, .swf, .mp4, .webm Video DocShifter
SQL Databases Generic
SPARQL endpoints Generic
REST Webservices Generic
Audio .wav, .mp3, .wma, .acc, .ogg Audio DocShifter
Bruker TopSpin .fid, .brk, .jdx NMR
Flow Cytometry Standard .fcs Flow Cytometry
3i SlideBook .sld Microscopy Imaging
Andor Bio-Imaging Division (ABD) TIFF .tif Microscopy Imaging
AIM .aim Microscopy Imaging
Alicona 3D .al3d Microscopy Imaging
Amersham Biosciences Gel .gel Microscopy Imaging
Amira Mesh .am, .amiramesh, .grey, .hx, .labels Microscopy Imaging
Amnis FlowSight .cif Microscopy Imaging
Analyze 7.5 .img, .hdr Microscopy Imaging
Andor SIF .sif Microscopy Imaging
Animated PNG .png Microscopy Imaging
Aperio AFI .afi, .svs Microscopy Imaging
Aperio SVS TIFF .svs Microscopy Imaging
Applied Precision CellWorX .htd, .pnl Microscopy Imaging
Arivis .metadata, .objects Microscopy Imaging sqlite
AVI (Audio Video Interleave) .avi Microscopy Imaging
Axon Raw Format .arf Microscopy Imaging
BD Pathway .exp, .tif Microscopy Imaging
Becker & Hickl SPC FIFO .spc Microscopy Imaging
Becker & Hickl SPCImage .sdt Microscopy Imaging
Big Data Viewer .xml, .h5 Microscopy Imaging
Bio-Rad Gel .1sc Microscopy Imaging
Bio-Rad PIC .pic, .raw, .xml Microscopy Imaging
Bio-Rad SCN .scn Microscopy Imaging
Bitplane Imaris .ims Microscopy Imaging
Bruker MRI Microscopy Imaging
Burleigh .img Microscopy Imaging
Canon DNG .cr2, .crw Microscopy Imaging
CellH5 .ch5 Microscopy Imaging
Cellomics .c01, .dib Microscopy Imaging
cellSens VSI .vsi Microscopy Imaging
CellVoyager .xml, .tif Microscopy Imaging
CV7000 .wpi, .tif Microscopy Imaging
DeltaVision .dv, .r3d, .rcpnl Microscopy Imaging
DICOM .dcm, .dicom Microscopy Imaging
ECAT7 .v Microscopy Imaging
EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) .eps, .epsi, .ps Microscopy Imaging
Evotec/PerkinElmer Opera Flex .flex, .mea, .res Microscopy Imaging
FEI .img Microscopy Imaging
FEI TIFF .tiff Microscopy Imaging
FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) .fits Microscopy Imaging
Gatan Digital Micrograph .dm3, .dm4 Microscopy Imaging
Gatan Digital Micrograph 2 .dm2 Microscopy Imaging
GE MicroCT .vff Microscopy Imaging
GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) .gif Microscopy Imaging
Hamamatsu Aquacosmos NAF .naf Microscopy Imaging
Hamamatsu HIS .his Microscopy Imaging
Hamamatsu ndpi .ndpi, .ndpis Microscopy Imaging
Hamamatsu VMS .vms Microscopy Imaging
Hitachi S-4800 .txt, .tif, .bmp, .jpg Microscopy Imaging
I2I .i2i Microscopy Imaging
ICS (Image Cytometry Standard) .ics, .ids Microscopy Imaging
Imacon .fff Microscopy Imaging
ImagePro Sequence .seq Microscopy Imaging
ImagePro Workspace .ipw Microscopy Imaging
IMAGIC .hed, .img Microscopy Imaging
IMOD .mod Microscopy Imaging
Improvision Openlab LIFF .liff Microscopy Imaging
Improvision Openlab Raw .raw Microscopy Imaging
Improvision TIFF .tif Microscopy Imaging
Imspector OBF .obf, .msr Microscopy Imaging
InCell 1000/2000 .xdce, .tif Microscopy Imaging
InCell 3000 .frm Microscopy Imaging
INR .inr Microscopy Imaging
Inveon .hdr Microscopy Imaging
Ionpath MIBI .tif, .tiff Microscopy Imaging
IPLab .ipl Microscopy Imaging
IVision .ipm Microscopy Imaging
JEOL .dat, .img, .par Microscopy Imaging
JPEG .jpg Microscopy Imaging
JPEG 2000 .jp2, .j2k, .jpf Microscopy Imaging
JPK .jpk Microscopy Imaging
JPX .jpx Microscopy Imaging
Keller Lab Block .klb Microscopy Imaging
Khoros VIFF (Visualization Image File Format) Bitmap .xv Microscopy Imaging
Kodak BIP .bip Microscopy Imaging
Lambert Instruments FLIM .fli Microscopy Imaging
LaVision Imspector .msr Microscopy Imaging
Leica LCS LEI .lei, .tif Microscopy Imaging
Leica LAS AF LIF (Leica Image File Format) .lif Microscopy Imaging
Leica SCN .scn Microscopy Imaging
LEO .sxm, .tif, .tiff Microscopy Imaging
Li-Cor L2D .l2d, .tif, .scn Microscopy Imaging
LIM (Laboratory Imaging/Nikon) .lim Microscopy Imaging
MetaMorph 7.5 TIFF .tiff Microscopy Imaging
MetaMorph Stack (STK) .stk, .nd Microscopy Imaging
MetaXpress .htd, .tif, .tiff Microscopy Imaging
MIAS (Maia Scientific) .tif Microscopy Imaging
Micro-Manager .tif, .txt, .xml Microscopy Imaging
Mikroscan TIFF .tif, .tiff Microscopy Imaging
MINC MRI .mnc Microscopy Imaging
Minolta MRW .mrw Microscopy Imaging
MNG (Multiple-image Network Graphics) .mng Microscopy Imaging
Molecular Imaging .stp Microscopy Imaging
MRC (Medical Research Council) .mrc, .st, .ali, .map, .rec, .mrcs Microscopy Imaging
NEF (Nikon Electronic Format) .nef, .tif Microscopy Imaging
NIfTI .img, .hdr, .nii, .nii.gz Microscopy Imaging
Nikon Elements TIFF .tiff Microscopy Imaging
Nikon EZ-C1 TIFF .tiff Microscopy Imaging
Nikon NIS-Elements ND2 .nd2 Microscopy Imaging
NRRD (Nearly Raw Raster Data) .nrrd, .nhdr, .raw, .txt Microscopy Imaging
Olympus CellR/APL .apl, .mtb, .tnb, .tif, .obsep Microscopy Imaging
Olympus FluoView FV1000 .oib, .oif Microscopy Imaging
Olympus FluoView TIFF .tif Microscopy Imaging
Olympus OIR .oir Microscopy Imaging
Olympus ScanR .xml, .dat, .tif Microscopy Imaging
Olympus SIS TIFF .tiff Microscopy Imaging
OME-TIFF .ome.tiff, .ome.tif, .ome.tf2, .ome.tf8, .ome.btf Microscopy Imaging
OME-XML .ome, .ome.xml Microscopy Imaging
OMERO Pyramid Microscopy Imaging
Oxford Instruments .top Microscopy Imaging
PCORAW .pcoraw, .rec Microscopy Imaging
PCX (PC Paintbrush) .pcx Microscopy Imaging
Perkin Elmer Densitometer .pds Microscopy Imaging
PerkinElmer Columbus .xml, .csv, .tif Microscopy Imaging
PerkinElmer Nuance .im3 Microscopy Imaging
PerkinElmer Operetta .tiff, .xml Microscopy Imaging
PerkinElmer UltraVIEW .tif, .2, .3, .4, etc. Microscopy Imaging
PerkinElmer Vectra QPTIFF .tif, .qptiff Microscopy Imaging
Portable Any Map .pbm, .pgm, .ppm Microscopy Imaging
Adobe Photoshop PSD .psd Microscopy Imaging
Photoshop TIFF .tif, .tiff Microscopy Imaging
PicoQuant Bin .bin Microscopy Imaging
PICT (Macintosh Picture) .pict Microscopy Imaging
PNG (Portable Network Graphics) .png Microscopy Imaging
Prairie Technologies TIFF .tif, .xml, .cfg Microscopy Imaging
Princeton Instruments SPE .spe Microscopy Imaging
Quesant .afm Microscopy Imaging
QuickTime Movie .mov Microscopy Imaging
RHK .sm2, .sm3 Microscopy Imaging
SBIG Microscopy Imaging
Seiko .xqd, .xqf Microscopy Imaging
SimplePCI & HCImage .cxd Microscopy Imaging
SimplePCI & HCImage TIFF .tiff Microscopy Imaging
SM Camera Microscopy Imaging
SPIDER .spi, .stk Microscopy Imaging
Targa .tga Microscopy Imaging
Text .txt Microscopy Imaging
TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) .tiff, .tif, .tf2, .tf8, .btf Microscopy Imaging
TillPhotonics TillVision .vws Microscopy Imaging
Topometrix .tfr, .ffr, .zfr, .zfp, .2fl Microscopy Imaging
Trestle .tif, .sld, .jpg Microscopy Imaging
UBM .pr3 Microscopy Imaging
Unisoku .dat, .hdr Microscopy Imaging
Varian FDF .fdf Microscopy Imaging
Veeco AFM .hdf Microscopy Imaging
Ventana BIF .bif Microscopy Imaging
VG SAM .dti Microscopy Imaging
VisiTech XYS .xys, .html Microscopy Imaging
Volocity .mvd2 Microscopy Imaging
Volocity Library Clipping .acff Microscopy Imaging
WA-TOP .wat Microscopy Imaging
Windows Bitmap .bmp Microscopy Imaging
Woolz .wlz Microscopy Imaging
Zeiss Axio CSM .lms Microscopy Imaging
Zeiss AxioVision TIFF .xml, .tif Microscopy Imaging
Zeiss AxioVision ZVI (Zeiss Vision Image) .zvi Microscopy Imaging
Zeiss CZI .czi Microscopy Imaging
Zeiss LSM (Laser Scanning Microscope) 510/710 .lsm, .mdb Microscopy Imaging
Advanced Instruments - Model 2020 Osmometer AGU
Advanced Instruments - Model 3250 Osmometer AGU
Advanced Instruments - Model 3320 Osmometer AGU
Advanced Instruments - Model A20 Osmometer AGU
Advanced Instruments - Model OsmoPro Osmometer AGU
Advanced Instruments - Model OsmoTech Osmometer AGU
Advanced Instruments - Model OsmoTech Pro Osmometer AGU
BeckmanCoulter - Vi-Cell Blu Cell Counter AGU
BeckmanCoulter - Vi-Cell XR Cell Counter AGU
C Technologies Inc. - SoloVPE Slope Spectroscopy AGU
CAS - CI 153 CLiMET particle counter Particle counter AGU
Gonotec - Osmomat 030 RS/D Osmometer AGU
Gonotec - Osmomat 3000 Osmometer AGU
Gonotec - Osmomat auto Osmometer AGU
Hach Lange - DR 2800 photo meter photo meter AGU
Hach Lange - TL2350 Turbidimeter AGU
Knick - Portavo 907 pH pH AGU
Mettler Toledo - Compact Titration G20 / G20 S Titration AGU
Mettler Toledo - Compact Titration V20 / V30 / C20 / C30 Titration AGU
Mettler Toledo - D4 / D5 / D6 / R4 / R5 / RX4 / RX5 Density/Refractometer AGU
Mettler Toledo - DM40 / DM45 / DM50 / RM40 / RM50 Density/Refractometer AGU
Mettler Toledo - DX40 / DX45 / DX50 / RX40 / RX50 Density/Refractometer AGU
Mettler Toledo - Excellence balances XP / XS / XPE / XSE Scale AGU
Mettler Toledo - Excellence balances XPR / XSR Scale AGU
Mettler Toledo - MP70 / MP80 / MP90 Thermal Value AGU
Mettler Toledo - Quantos automatic dosing systems: XP/XS/XPE Scale dosing system AGU
Mettler Toledo - SevenExcellence pH-Metter/Conductivity AGU
Mettler Toledo - SevenExcellence Instrumentes pH-Metter/Conductivity AGU
Mettler Toledo - Titration Excellence T5 / T7 / T9 Titration AGU
Mettler Toledo - Titration Excellence T50 / T70 / T90 Titration AGU
Mettler Toledo - UV7/UV5/UV5Nano/UV5Bio Photometer AGU
Nova Biomedical - BioProfile FLEX 2 Metabolite Cell count osmometer AGU
Nova Biomedical - BioProfile phOx Blood Gas Analyzer AGU
Pall - Palltronic Flowstar IV Filter Integrity Tester AGU
Perkin Elmer - Lambda 25 Spectrometer Spectrometer AGU
Roche Diagnostics - Cedex Bio Metabolite AGU
Roche Diagnostics - Cedex Bio HT Metabolite AGU
Roche Diagnostics - Cedex HiRes Cell Counter AGU
Roche Diagnostics - Cedex HiRes Cell Counter AGU
Roche Diagnostics - Cedex HiRes Cell Counter AGU
Roche Diagnostics - Cedex HiRes Cell Counter AGU
Roche Diagnostics - cobas b 123 Blood Gas Analyzer AGU
Roche Diagnostics - cobas b 221 Blood Gas Analyzer AGU
Roche Diagnostics - cobas e 411 Immunoassays AGU
Sartorius - ambr 15 Automated bio reactor system AGU
Sartorius - ambr 250 Automated bio reactor system AGU
Siemens - RAPIDLab 1200 Blood Gas Analyzer AGU
Siemens - RAPIDLab 248 Blood Gas Analyzer AGU
Siemens - RAPIDLab 348 Blood Gas Analyzer AGU
Siemens - RAPIDLab 348 EX Blood Gas Analyzer AGU
Siemens - RAPIDPoint 500 Blood Gas Analyzer AGU
TECAN - EVO Liquid handling robot AGU
TECAN - Fluent Liquid handling robot AGU
TECAN - Infinite M200 Plate Reader AGU
TECAN - Sunrise Plate Reader AGU
Thermo Fisher - Konelab 20 Metabolite AGU
Thermo Fisher - Konelab 20 XT Metabolite AGU
WTW - 3420 pH conductivity pH cond AGU
WTW - inoLab 7310 Cond Conductivity AGU
WTW - inoLab 7310 Oxi Oxi AGU
WTW - inoLab 7310 pH pH AGU
YSI Life Sciences - YSI 2900D Metabolite AGU
YSI Life Sciences - YSI 2950 Metabolite AGU
Hach Lange - DR 3900 photo meter photo meter AGU
Nova Biomedical - BioProfile FLEX Metabolite Cell count osmometer AGU
Sartorius - Sartocheck 5 Plus Filter Tester AGU
Siemens - Sysmex CS-2500 Coagulation Analyzer AGU
Plate Reader - TECAN - Sunrise Chromeleon Data System Orbis Labsystems
Metabolite - Thermo Fisher - Konelab 20 UV-Visible Chemistation Orbis Labsystems
Metabolite - Thermo Fisher - Konelab 20 XT OpenLab CDS ChemStation Orbis Labsystems
pH cond - WTW - 3420 pH conductivity ADAPT Orbis Labsystems
Conductivity - WTW - inoLab 7310 Cond EasyMatch QC Orbis Labsystems
Oxi - WTW - inoLab 7310 Oxi LabX 2019 Orbis Labsystems
pH - WTW - inoLab 7310 pH pH/mV measuring device Orbis Labsystems
Metabolite - YSI Life Sciences - YSI 2900D Tiamo System Orbis Labsystems
Metabolite - YSI Life Sciences - YSI 2950 Cary UV Workstation Orbis Labsystems
photo meter - Hach Lange - DR 3900 photo meter Spectrophotometer Orbis Labsystems
ABB NIR NIR Orbis Labsystems
ABSciex 4000 QTrap LC/MS/MS with Analyst Software V1.5 LCMS Orbis Labsystems
AC Reformulyzer Classic GC-03 Chromatography Orbis Labsystems
Agilent 7890/7000B Triple Quad GCMSMS Orbis Labsystems
Agilent EZChrom 3.3.1 Chromatography Orbis Labsystems
Agilent GC33 Enhanced SQC Chromatography Orbis Labsystems
Agilent Simdist GC 86 94 (6890 GC ) Chromatography Orbis Labsystems
Agilent Simdist GC 86,94(6850/6890 GC ) Chromatography Orbis Labsystems
Agilent Simdist GC 89,91(6850/6890 GC) Chromatography Orbis Labsystems
Antek 9000 SPECT23 Antek Orbis Labsystems
Antek Stikstof Analyser ANTEK_S Orbis Labsystems
Antek Zwavel Analyser ANTEK_N Orbis Labsystems
ARCOS_SOP Calibiration Orbis Labsystems
Berthold Autolumat Plus LB953-2 Luminometer Orbis Labsystems
BEST 2000 DSX Automated Elisa System with Revelations DSX Software (Best 1 V5.15, Best 2 V5.17) Drug Screening Orbis Labsystems
Caradolen ICP Orbis Labsystems
CellDyn Haematology Orbis Labsystems
Daytona Blood chemistry analyser Orbis Labsystems
Daytona Blood Chemistry Orbis Labsystems
de Blood analyser Orbis Labsystems
Delta V IRMS Isotope Ratio Mass Spec Orbis Labsystems
Dijksta Robot Analyser (DIVER_211) Vapodest Orbis Labsystems
Dr.Lange HT200S Quick test Orbis Labsystems
Elementar Vario EL III Element Analyzer Orbis Labsystems
Exactive with Acquity UPLC (Thermo/Waters combined instrument) LCMS Orbis Labsystems
Ganimede N Automated Laboratory Analyzer Orbis Labsystems
Ganimede P Automated Laboratory Analyzer Orbis Labsystems
GC/MS: Agilent 6890N GC + 5973 MS with MSD Chemstation software V E.02.01.1177 GCMS Orbis Labsystems
Herzog Distillation Orbis Labsystems
HG GALAHAD Mercury Analyzer Orbis Labsystems
HG NIPPON Mercury Analyzer Orbis Labsystems
Immunocomb Antibody Test Kit Orbis Labsystems
Interscience GC-MS 0102 DSQ, GC MS Trace Chromatography Orbis Labsystems
Konelab Chemistry Analyser Orbis Labsystems
Lambda 25 Viscosity(CAV2000,HERZOG,Dynamic) Orbis Labsystems
Latchet Quikchem, Omnion 3.0 Chromatography System Orbis Labsystems
Magellan Software (Tecan Plate Reader) Plate Reader Orbis Labsystems
MERV Element Stand Custom built Orbis Labsystems
MERV Flatsheet Stand Custom built Orbis Labsystems
Metrohm 790 Personal IC Chromatography System Orbis Labsystems
Metrohm TIAMO TItration Orbis Labsystems
Mettler Toledo (Various) Balances Orbis Labsystems
Mettler Toledo Various Balances Orbis Labsystems
Mettler-Toledo pH&SG pH & SG Meter Orbis Labsystems
Milkoscan Milk Composition Analyzer Orbis Labsystems
MULITEK Element Analyser Orbis Labsystems
Multipass Custom built Orbis Labsystems
PALAS MFP2000 Custom built Orbis Labsystems
PALAS MFP3000 Custom built Orbis Labsystems
PANalytical Axios petro XRF_AXIO Orbis Labsystems
Pentra (Horiba) Blood chemistry analyser Orbis Labsystems
PerkinElmer ICP SPECT25 ICP Orbis Labsystems
PerkinElmer Lambda25 SPECT17 UV Orbis Labsystems
PerkinElmer Metrohm SPECT24 AAS Orbis Labsystems
Reformulyzer GC93 Chromatography Orbis Labsystems
Rohasys pH, pH Minilab pH Measurement Robot Orbis Labsystems
Shimadzu TOC – V – 370 Carbon Analyzer Orbis Labsystems
Shimadzu TOC Analyzer Carbon Analyzer Orbis Labsystems
SKALAR Robot Analyser SPEC26 Lab Automation Robot Orbis Labsystems
Somaccount Somatic Cell Counter Orbis Labsystems
Sysmex XT2000 Clinical Analyser Orbis Labsystems
Tecator Nitrogen Orbis Labsystems
Thermo Euroglas Coulometer COULO Orbis Labsystems
Thermo Iris Intrepid II XDL ICP Orbis Labsystems
Tinet Titration Orbis Labsystems
Varian SpectrAA ICP Orbis Labsystems
Bruker Aspect 2000/3000 NMR Mestrelab
Bruker UXNMR/XWIN-NMR NMR Mestrelab
Bruker WinNMR NMR Mestrelab
Bruker TopSpin (all versions) NMR Mestrelab
GE/Nicolet NMR Mestrelab
Galactic .spc NMR Mestrelab
JEOL Alice .als NMR Mestrelab
JEOL Delta NMR Mestrelab
JEOL EX/GX NMR Mestrelab
JEOL Lambda .nmfid, .nmdata, .nmf, .nmd NMR Mestrelab
Magritek Prospa (*1D, *2D) NMR Mestrelab
NMRPipe NMR Mestrelab
Old Gemini NMR Mestrelab
Oxford Instruments RINMR NMR Mestrelab
Siemens Magneton Vision NMR Mestrelab
Tecmag .tnt NMR Mestrelab
Varian Gemini/VXR from VHelper NMR Mestrelab
Varian VNMR NMR Mestrelab
VARIAN/Chemagnetic Spinsight (data) NMR Mestrelab
Philips Achieva (via scripting) NMR Mestrelab
Siemens Syngo (via scripting) NMR Mestrelab
picoSpin (Thermo Scientific) NMR Mestrelab
Nanalysis NMR Mestrelab
NMR CSV file .csv, .txt NMR Mestrelab
Mnova .mnova NMR Mestrelab
ZIP , MestReC .zip, .mrc NMR Mestrelab
NUTS Type 1-3 NMR Mestrelab
SwaN-MR NMR Mestrelab
JCAMP-DX .jcamp, .dx, .jdx, .jcm NMR Mestrelab
ACD-Labs (1D) NMR Mestrelab
Int 32 WinNMR NMR Mestrelab
LCModel ASCII NMR Mestrelab
Sparky 2D peak list NMR Mestrelab
AB SCIEX Analyst [3]   LC/MS GC/MS Mestrelab
AB SCIEX Data Explorer [2] LC/MS GC/MS Mestrelab
Advion LC/MS GC/MS Mestrelab
Agilent – ChemStation LC/MS GC/MS Mestrelab
Agilent – MassHunter  LC/MS GC/MS Mestrelab
Agilent / Bruker - Ion Trap LC/MS GC/MS Mestrelab
Bruker LC/MS GC/MS Mestrelab
Bruker XMASS LC/MS GC/MS Mestrelab
JEOL – msAxel [3] LC/MS GC/MS Mestrelab
JEOL – MSQ1000, FastFlight LC/MS GC/MS Mestrelab
mzData and mzXML LC/MS GC/MS Mestrelab
mzXML/mzData LC/MS GC/MS Mestrelab
PerkinElmer Files LC/MS GC/MS Mestrelab
Shimadzu LCMS & GCMS [1] LC/MS GC/MS Mestrelab
ThermoScientific Xcalibur LC/MS GC/MS Mestrelab
Varian Saturn LC/MS GC/MS Mestrelab
Waters MassLynx LC/MS GC/MS Mestrelab
Waters OpenLynx Report LC/MS GC/MS Mestrelab
SPC (Galactic) ElVis Mestrelab
JCAMP-DX ElVis Mestrelab
OPUS (Bruker) ElVis Mestrelab
Single spectrum files SPA (Omnic) ElVis Mestrelab
Perkin Elmer blocked structured .sp ElVis Mestrelab

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