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Streamline the submission generation process

  • Automate
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  • Create Submissions

Reduce manual efforts in the digitalization of data

Eliminate the need to manually transcribe data by automating annotation processes. ZONTAL provides a powerful data ingest pipeline that can be configured according to your needs. It is capable of automatically extracting metadata and mapping according to defined master data reference systems, which ensures the highest data quality with the lowest effort.


Automatically extract import metadata

Harmonize metadata according to reference master data systems

Streamline exchange of data between systems

Connect data through contextual metadata

Metadata is more than annotations. In ZONTAL, metadata interconnects data points in order to enable translation science in an unprecedented breadth. This connected information can be used to automate the assembly and aggregation of data and reports for final submission documentation.


All metadata is governed by ontological models

Semantic algorithms enable interconnection of otherwise separate data points

Find and retrieve all relevant information for a given project or submission in one click

Automatic creation of submission documents

In accordance with future requirements, like KASA (a new quality assessment system from the FDA), ZONTAL enables continual documentation throughout the full drug discovery and development pipeline. Laboratories that use ZONTAL are able to generate submission documents automatically, and as a result are ready for future FDA requirements.


Ready for KASA

Automatic data aggregation

Build submissions on the fly

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