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Achieving compliance by design with ZONTAL. 

Comply with all regulatory requirements

Keep your data transparent and ready for audits

ZONTAL has been built with regulatory compliance in mind, taking into consideration storage standards and the need to be ready for regular audits. By making it easier to locate and access relevant data, our digital hub also simplifies and the process of submitting information for appraisal by authorities. The core strategy is to be compliant by design, keeping data well structured, thoroughly documented, and transparent. Our aim is to streamline all tasks related to regulatory requirements, thus reducing the overall time and effort spent on curating data.

Understand how each facet of regulatory compliance is addressed by ZONTAL.

Unification and transparency

Unifying data in a digital hub is the foundation of regulatory compliance.

  • Democratized access: By making data available to all key stakeholders, it is much easier to ensure that regulatory standards are met.
  • Transparency: Our digital hub organizes information so that it can be understood by anyone, regardless of their expertise.
  • Self-service: Users are able to upload data on the go, keeping collections up to date for regulatory purposes.

Submission readiness

Our digital hub keeps data ready for regulatory submissions.

  • Structured authoring: ZONTAL provides data that can be used with structured authoring tools, simplifying the generation of submission documents.
  • Database-like searches: Information is translated into a robust format instead of keeping it in documents, which makes data fully searchable.
  • Future-proof: Our digital hub builds a foundation of structured information, so it is already in line with regulatory agencies’ future shift towards data submissions.

Documentation and structure

Data is clearly described, making it straightforward for regulatory institutions to appraise it.

  • Structured: Data adheres to a consistent model, enabling the use of automated tools for mining and analysis during appraisal.
  • Self-described: Data is enriched with descriptions that capture expert knowledge and provide valuable context.
  • FAIR: ZONTAL keeps information findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable, meaning that it can be easily interpreted by machines and humans alike in preparation for submissions.

Audit readiness

ZONTAL keeps track of how your data is used and accessed, so you are always ready for audits.

  • Data lineage: ZONTAL tracks data from the time it is ingested, showing the consistency of records over time.
  • Audit trails: Transactions in our digital hub are recorded thoroughly, providing a read-only log of how records have been handled.
  • Audit readiness: By ensuring that data is ingested in a structured way, there is no need to prepare it for audits, as it is always ready.

High-quality data

Our digital hub focuses on providing high-quality data, making it compliant by design.

  • Accurate: Ingestion of data can be automated, eliminating manual processes that potentially introduce inaccurate information.
  • Complete: ZONTAL stores data using a flexible format, so you don’t have to sacrifice any details in order to ensure consistency.
  • Up-to-date: Data can be uploaded and updated by any authorized user, quickly making the latest information available.

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Read our whitepaper on FAIR data and also check out our blog posts for additional insights.
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