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Combine data preservation with reuse

  • Vision
  • Foundation
  • Preservation
  • Reuse

Compliant preservation of machine learning-ready data

ZONTAL Space meets all GxP requirements for digital data preservation. In adherence with the Open Archival Information System standard (ISO 14721:2012), we ensure the highest data integrity and best management practices. Our data standardization processes ensure that preserve content can power business insights, without additional data wrangling.


Make all company assets FAIR

• Scale through the entire enterprise

• Reuse your assets in machine learning and other AI applications

Holistic data integration and standardization

Preservation needs are manifold: decommissioned systems, raw lab data, and reports must be stored for compliance and business reasons. Turn this requirement into an opportunity! ZONTAL ingests data and leverages sophisticated pre-processing to harmonize your structured and unstructured information into a powerful data standard – Allotrope. As an enterprise platform, this integration connects all your digital assets for maximum value generation.


Scalable cloud/on-premises hybrid enterprise platform

Supports ingest from all databases, applications, and fileshares

Leverages semantic technologies and long-term stable formats

Data is ready for business intelligence applications

Make all your data findable and accessible

Regulatory authorities are increasing their demands, and now are starting to expect data that can be reintegrated. Paper and PDF resources are no longer a viable long-term strategy to retain license to operate. ZONTAL, a fully OAIS compliant system, annotates all data with powerful semantic metadata. Combining machine learning-supported indexing and search (think Google), all your assets are at your fingertips. Thanks to our long-term stable raw data container, every chromatogram, Excel table, and sales report can be reprocessed on demand.


• Technical implementation fulfills the highest levels of NDSA

Full semantic metadata tagging and search

• All data in a reprocessable format

Easily reuse your data assets as needed

Your greatest advantage is your data. Give scientists high-quality datasets that are ready for in-depth analysis. ZONTAL is built with reuse in mind. We adhere to FAIR principles, transforming all types of data into harmonized assets that can power business insights. Sophisticated interfaces, such as Web UI, SQL, and restful APIs, provide a broad range of access points to fuel your favorite data science platforms.


• All data in standardized formats

• Rapidly connect with business intelligence platforms

Combine the best of data lakes, warehouses, and hubs

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Access the full scope of enterprise data in a single platform. See beyond traditional data capture opportunities and take action on new data insights in a way that is collaborative, efficient, and secure.