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The hub of the future connects both data and people, harnessing information and encouraging exchanges between experts. This innovative environment accelerates product creation and improves outcomes, meeting the demands of an increasingly digital world. In order to get there, it is crucial to adopt the right technology. ZONTAL is the key to this digitalization process, powerfully orchestrating teams, devices, and data. Our Digital Lab solution makes it possible to harness large amounts of data, converting it to assets that uncover valuable insights.

Here is how your ZONTAL will transform your lab.


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Enabling Digital Collaboration

Accelerate Lab Transformation

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ZONTAL unleashes your data, creating an interconnected environment for collaboration.
  • Many sources: Our Analytical Operations Hub makes it possible for researchers to leverage internal and external data from many sources.
  • Communication: Data is easy to share, making the communication about projects very effective.
  • Network of partners: A natural outcomes of this interconnected environment is the cooperation of multiple labs, enabling faster scientific breakthroughs.


We prepare you for a data-driven future, seamlessly managing dynamic and complex information.
  • Harnessing: Our Analytical Operations Hub can harness large amounts of data generated by the lab, freeing scientists to focus on their core competencies.
  • Harmonizing: Data is harmonized during ingestion, structuring information in a consistent way for later use.
  • Simplifying: ZONTAL acts as a data layer, exponentially reducing the number of system-to-system interfaces to build and maintain.


With the right data foundation, you can leverage modern techniques to gain new insights.
  • Advanced analytics: Empower your team to use analytics tools for finding patterns in the data and gleaning useful insights.
  • In silico experiments: Use data to simulate experiments, replacing expensive in-lab procedures and producing faster results
  • AI and machine learning: Employ smart techniques to analyze your data, uncovering complex relationships and optimizing operations.


Our Analytical Operations Hub enables the adoption of an end-to-end data strategy.
  • Systematic: ZONTAL provides a systematic way of processing, storing, and retrieving your data, keeping quality and relevance high.
  • Re-imagine workflows: Understand your data bottlenecks, gaining awareness on how to improve processes and become more efficient.
  • Regulation: By keeping your data tidy, it is simple to show regulators that you meet all of the required standards.


ZONTAL gives your full return on your investment by providing high business value.
  • More innovation: By becoming digitally enabled, your lab can pick up the pace of innovation.
  • Scalable: Our Analytical Operations Hub can cope with large amounts of data, scaling to the needs of your organization.
  • Faster development: Structured data is the catalyst to product development, accelerating time to market without sacrificing quality.

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