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How it works

Lay the foundation to unlock the potential of your data

  • Structure
  • Center on data
  • Connect

Organize your data for greatness

Make your data scientists happy – provide access to well-structured enterprise data with ZONTAL. Your competitive advantage hides in your digital assets. ZONTAL filters out the value from the noise by standardizing and harmonizing all ingested data files. The interconnection of data on a metadata level enables unprecedented cross-project queries and retrospective data analysis. 


Ingest data from all enterprise sources

Standardize and harmonize into easy-to-parse, understandable formats

Make all data interoperable through semantic metadata

Provide automatic access through APIs and SQL

Embrace a data-centric mindset

A savvy business model puts data at the core of operations. ZONTAL Space can help you adopt this data-centric mindset, ensuring that your business is future-proof. By unifying distributed data sources, ZONTAL Space gives you a global view of assets that leads to unparalled strategic insight when making critical decisions.

Future-proof your business with a data-centric mindset

Streamline system interconnectivity

Increase the value of your data

Seamlessly connect with analytics tools

With the right interface, connecting with analytics tools is a walk in the park. ZONTAL Space provides web service APIs that integrate into the existing application landscape, simplifying the task of feeding data into other platforms. This means that you can easily leverage your data and gain a competitive edge.


• Intuitive API connectors

• Possibility to use wide array of analytics tools

• Easy to leverage data assets

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Access the full scope of enterprise data in a single platform. See beyond traditional data capture opportunities and take action on new data insights in a way that is collaborative, efficient, and secure.