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Enabling Digital Collaboration

Establishing your digital collaboration hub with ZONTAL.

Share information while keeping data in focus

Collaborate using a common source of data

Collaboration is a key component of research and development, and ZONTAL supports this exchange of ideas by making data easy to share. By effectively cooperating, teams accelerate the time to market for products, reduce costs, and are free to think up innovative ideas. Data is kept in the digital hub, so that it abides by a common format and is always accessible to stakeholders. This means that systems can be shaped around this stable data layer.

ZONTAL caters to this data-centric approach by following a number of important principles.

See how this strategy works:

Key Asset

Our digital hub treats data from all sources as a key asset, ingesting data from different systems.

  • Plug-and-play: Data from laboratory instruments can be directly integrated, making it simple to keep track of observations.
  • Data from any application: ZONTAL takes in data from any application, including laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and electronic lab notebooks (ELNs).
  • No manual transfer: No manual work is required when ingesting information through ZONTAL, as it can interface directly with systems.


Data is enriched with descriptions about the context in which it was produced, meaning it is easy to understand and share.

  • Automated enrichment: ZONTAL employs AI techniques to help enrich data in a smart way.
  • Reference and master data support: Existing reference and master data can be used for describing the ingested information, keeping the terminology consistent among different contributors.
  • Semantic layer: Distinct annotations are added to each record. This maps data to the context in which it was observed.

Universal format

ZONTAL structures information using a universal data format.

  • Allotrope Data Format (ADF): Our digital hub uses an industry-recognized data storage standard, which is accessible to a plurality of systems and information producers.
  • Standardized storage: Contributors can store data with different attributes using a common structure, making all information easily digestible to others.
  • Consistent communication: Structured information sharing fosters a consistent way of communicating about projects, reducing misunderstandings and increasing efficiency.


Even though our digital hub makes data easy to share, it also keeps it protected with robust mechanisms.

  • Encryption: ZONTAL encrypts data to protect its confidentiality, both when it is stored and during transfer.
  • Permissions: Access to the digital hub is controlled according to your needs, with the option to employ single sign-on.
  • Checksum: File transfers are verified with checksum, which ensures that the original data has been received without any errors or modifications.


ZONTAL provides an accessible data layer, making it easy for applications to share input and output.

  • REST APIs: Allow information in our digital hub to be read, created, updated, and deleted using a popular protocol.
  • SQL interfaces: Provide a straightforward way of querying data and using it for analytics, visualizations, and further exploration.
  • Simple setup: Our digital hub can be configured according to your needs, without requiring major training of your workforce.

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Read our whitepaper on process harmonization and also check out our blog posts for additional insights.
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