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ZONTAL is a US-based information management company founded in 2016 by Wolfgang Colsman. In 20 years of digital consultancy, Wolfgang realized that the connection between systems is the biggest challenge to life sciences organizations. This is why we have created a digital hub that empowers global enterprises to enrich, preserve, and reuse their data. Our product focuses on automation and user friendliness, enabling a quick and broad adoption within large companies.

In 2018, we released ZONTAL to revolutionize the information management domain. The digital hub, ensures information is always accessible, reusable, and fully compliant. Having all the data at your fingertips makes it easier to navigate a heavily regulated environment, ultimately leading to the creation of better products in a shorter timeframe.

ZONTAL ingests and harmonizes data to provide a single source of truth. It is the ultimate solution for data enrichment, preservation, and reuse, with a vendor-agnostic integration strategy that enables every lab to directly connect to our platform. Our intuitive web UI allows users with all levels of technical background to quickly search, find, and reuse data stored in our systems. Automatic workflows, report generations, and dashboard integrations enable easy data usage, turning detached records into intelligent information.

ZONTAL is revolutionary because it automatically enriches incoming data with descriptions, allowing customers to organize information into connected knowledge graphs and providing insights that were previously inaccessible. In addition, our data preservation technology is a unique solution that is completely standardized to ensure compliant, long-term archives. Not only is the data persistently stored, it is also ready for reuse with data mining and other analytics techniques.







Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver technology to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries that reduces the cost of drug development, enabling the creation of novel solutions for previously untreatable diseases. Our product streamlines the process of drug design and production, giving our customers the competitive lead. We create value for customers by transforming data and enabling analytics on an enterprise scale.

Our Vision

Our vision is to encourage innovation by leveraging data. This is done by integrating data into a digital hub that supports drug discovery, development, submission, and manufacturing. We aim to be at the core of this ecosystem, providing a one-stop shop for all data assets. By helping companies create an automated lab, we lower operational costs and improve research outcomes.

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1990 West New Haven
Avenue, Suite 301 Melbourne,
FL 32904, USA

+1 321-608-4860


Eisenbahnweg 9-11,
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