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ZONTAL offers the leading data platform for the life science industry. We make digital transformation a reality as we deliver game changing solutions to some of the most complex enterprises. We reduce IT overhead, enable AI/ML applications, optimize time-to-market, and increase compliance. ZONTAL has offices in the US, Europe and Asia. Together with our integration and service partners, ZONTAL supports our customers globally, in any country and any time-zone.


Our Story

In 20 years of consultancy in the pharmaceutical industry, Wolfgang Colsman experienced that the lack of integration between IT systems is the biggest challenge to life sciences organizations in their transformation towards a digital business. He founded ZONTAL in 2016 to solve this problem for good. Together with leading pharma companies, he created a data platform that empowers global enterprises to integrate, enrich, preserve, and reuse their data across the business value chain. All ZONTAL products, solutions, and applications focus on scalability and intuitive design, enabling a quick and broad adoption within large companies.

In 2018, ZONTAL released the first regulatory compliant out-of-the-box pharmaceutical digital lab solution, ready to revolutionize the information management domain. ZONTAL's Digital Lab ensures information is always accessible, reusable, and fully compliant. Having all the data at your fingertips makes it easy to navigate a heavily regulated environment, ultimately leading to the creation of better products in a shorter timeframe.

Over the last few years, ZONTAL has established itself as a market leader in digital transformation for the scientific community while adding Data Preservation, and Life Science Analytics to the ZONTAL Platform. Our products empower digital laboratories, collaboration, regulatory and preservation in the highly complex environment of global pharma companies.

ZONTAL is pioneering the next evolution of product development and advancement through Solutions and Applications. These new portfolio additions will further enhance customers grasp on data and analytics, while building out capabilities that reach every corner of life sciences and beyond.

Our customers gain full access to the hidden value in their previously disjoint data, as our integrations create intelligent information for data driven decision making. We contribute every day to a future with affordable personalized medicine for everyone.








Our Mission


Everyone has a right to a meaningful life, full of creativity and love. As diseases often prevent this, we devote all our energy to shift medicine toward prevention, personalization, and precision to ensure better patient outcomes.
We are done, when the best personalized medicine is designed, manufactured, and delivered – before the patient is even aware of the 1st symptom!

Our Vision


Our aim is to replace the classical pharma process and to develop a fully AI driven platform that addresses the entire drug lifecycle E2E –  from bench to bedside.
  • Digital twin of patients (in-silico experiments to identify novel drugs)
  • Quantum chemical models of cells and pathways to better understand diseases and identify new research directions
  • Make disruptive technology actionable to enable robotic laboratory to automatically perform necessary experiments
  • Predictive clinical trials for faster study design and significantly higher drug approval rates
  • Fully automated and data driven drug submission to allow faster assessment and approval of new innovative drugs
  • Fully digital twin to streamline manufacturing of high-quality drugs
  • Digital commercialization and patient engagement (Digital Health)

Our Offices

US - Florida

300 South Pine Island Road, Suite 307
Plantation, FL 33324, USA 

+1 786-280-9425



Eisenbahnweg 9-11,
52068 Aachen,

+49 241 94314-551

US - Utah

1289 Apple Ave

Provo, UT 84604, USA

+1 801-949-6827



Room 1204-1208, HeYi Building,
No. 6 AiXian Street, High-Tech Park,
DaLian City, China
+86 13478478376

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Just like our products, we serve globally at the cutting edge of technology. Embrace the challenge of reinventing an entire industry. Join us to bring Pharma into the digital age.


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